#015 – Anima Sound

#015- Anima Sound

Album: Stürmischer Himmel (1971)

Anima Sound on Last.fm

Kicking off with the bucolic sounds of sheep bleating plaintively and the wind buffeting a microphone, this album quickly descends into a kind of pagan free jazz ritual. Anima Sound (sometimes credited as simply “Anima”) comprised of a married German couple; Paul and Limpe Fuchs. Between them they produce a fairly impressive quantity of sound, with instruments ranging from brass and reeds to exotic percussion and home-made devices. A dominant force in this music is Limpe’s wordless vocals, which range from low murmurings to unfettered screams and even a spot of yodelling. Whilst the percussion sometimes provides a bit of backbone to the music, this is a free, sprawling, spontaneous musical event; the absolute antithesis of “catchy hooks”.

Stürmischer Himmel is a curious and surprisingly effective slice of improvised anti-music, but after the first three tracks Anima Sound have already used up all their tricks, resulting in an album that quickly outstays its welcome.

Freak Factor: 8/10

Replayability: 3/10

Overall score: 5/10


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